Class BrowserConnectionManager

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public class BrowserConnectionManager
extends DefaultConnectionManager

Connection manger that displays a dialog asking user how to connect to ext repository locations when this has not been defined before.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 CVSConnection createConnection(CVSClient client, RepositoryLocation location, LoginManager loginManager)
          Creates a connection for the specified repository location.
protected  RepositoryDetails getRepositoryDetailsForExtConnection(RepositoryLocation location)
          Gets the repository details for the supplied location.
 void setParentFrame(java.awt.Frame frame)
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createExtConnection, createExternalRSHConnection, createExternalSSHConnection, createInternalSSHConnection, createLocalConnection, createLoginConnection, createPServerConnection, getExtCommand, getExternalRSHCommand, getExternalRSHCommandPattern, getExternalSSHCommand, getExternalSSHCommandPattern, getLocalServerCommand, setExternalRSHCommandPattern, setExternalSSHCommandPattern, setLocalServerCommand
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Constructor Detail


public BrowserConnectionManager()
Method Detail


public CVSConnection createConnection(CVSClient client,
                                      RepositoryLocation location,
                                      LoginManager loginManager)
                               throws CVSConnectionException
Description copied from class: DefaultConnectionManager
Creates a connection for the specified repository location. If a login is required then use the supplied login manager to get the login details from the user.
createConnection in class DefaultConnectionManager


public void setParentFrame(java.awt.Frame frame)


protected RepositoryDetails getRepositoryDetailsForExtConnection(RepositoryLocation location)
                                                          throws CVSConnectionException
Description copied from class: DefaultConnectionManager
Gets the repository details for the supplied location. This is required for creating ext and server connections. By default this just return RepositoryDetails.get(location). However, subclasses may like to define a different behaviour. For example, if details have not yet been defined then may be in the case of a GUI interface it would be nice to ask the user to decide how they want to connect.
getRepositoryDetailsForExtConnection in class DefaultConnectionManager
Following copied from class: allensoft.javacvs.client.DefaultConnectionManager
null if no details have been created yet or the details of how to connect.