Package allensoft.javacvs.client.ui.swing

Interface Summary
CVSFilesAction Interface for all actions that perofrm a CVS request on some files.
GraphicalClient This interface defines the behaviour of a graphical client.

Class Summary
BrowserConnectionManager Connection manger that displays a dialog asking user how to connect to ext repository locations when this has not been defined before.
CheckForFilesToAddOrRemoveAction Action which will check for files to be added.
CommitAction Action that commits the selected files.
CVSActionPool Defines a pool of actions that perform the tasks of a graphical client.
CVSBrowser A component that allows one to browse through directories and see the files in them and perform CVS operations on them.
CVSBrowserTree Tree component that displays directories and allows the user to perform CVS requests on them.
CVSBrowserWindow A Window that displays a CVSBrowser with a menu and tool bar.
CVSGUIBuilder Builds GUI components from XML files.
CVSMessagesDocument A StyledDocument that displays messages and status of a CVSClient.
DefaultGraphicalClient Provides the features and implementation for the default graphical client.
DefaultGraphicalClientAction The base class for actions that perform CVS opertions using a default graphical client.
DefaultGraphicalClientFilesAction The base class for actions that perform CVS requests through a CVSClient.
DialogLoginManager Gets login details from the user by displaying a dialog.
DiffAction Action that displays differences for the selected files.
DiffOptionsDialog Dialog used for editing diff options.
EditRepositoriesAction Action which edits the repository details.
EditRepositoriesDialog Dialog used for editing details of repositories.
LogAction Action that performs a log request
LogDetailsGraphWindow A window that displays log details for one or more files.
RepositoryDetailsDialog Dialog used to edit repository details.
RevisionOrTagSelector Lets the user select a revision or tag.
RevisionTagOrDateSelector Allows the user to specify a revision, tag or date.
SelectFilesToAddDialog A dislog which displays a selection of files that the user can select to add and detrmine whether the file is binary or not.
SelectFilesToAddDialog.Contents Defines the contents for this dialog.
SelectFilesToRemoveDialog Dialog which lets the user select a number of files to be removed.
SendBatchMenuItem Menu item that will send current batch of a client.
StatusAction Action that displays status for the selected files.
UpdateAction Action that commits the selected files.
UseBatchModeMenuItem A menu item that can turn on or off batch mode for a CVS client.
WorkingDirectoryTable A table that displays the contents of a working directory.
WorkingDirectoryTable.EntryCellRenderer CellRenderer used to display file names.
WorkingDirectoryTable.EntryComparator A comparator that organizes directories first and then files in alphabetical order.
WorkingDirectoryTableModel A TableModel that represents the contents of a working directory.