Package allensoft.javacvs.client

Interface Summary
CVSConnectionManager Creates connections to CVS servers for a given repository location.
CVSRequestBatch.RequestInstantiator Instantiates request objects for use by the addRequests method.
DefaultConnectionManager.ConnectionInstantiator Interface used by createLoginConnection method to instantiate a connection with some login details.
KeywordSubstitutionModeClassifier Classifies the keyword expansion mode for a particular file.
LoginManager Responsible for obtaining login details from the user.

Class Summary
AddOptions Defines the options for an AddRequest.
AddRequest Request object that adds files/directories to a repository.
CheckoutOptions Defines the options for a checkout request.
CheckoutRequest Request object that performs a checkout of modules from a repository location to a local directory.
CommitRequest Defines a request to the server to commit some files.
CVSClient This is the main class that implements the CVS client/server protocol.
CVSCommunicationsObject The base class for any object that wants to do communications with a CVS server.
CVSConnection Defines a connection with a CVS server.
CVSConnectionMethod Defines the possible types of connection methods.
CVSFilesFilter A file filter which accepts files which are under CVS control.
CVSIgnoreFile Defines a pattern based file filter whose patterns are taken from a file.
CVSIgnoreFileFilter A file filter that decides if a file should be accepted based on rules for CVS ignoring files.
CVSRequest The base class for all requests to a CVS server.
CVSRequestBatch Defines a sequential list of requests that should be performed.
CVSResponse The base class for all responses from the server.
CVSResponse.Message Defines a message that was received from the server that should be displayed to the user.
CVSResponseMessageReader A Reader which can be used to read the messages that come back from the server for a response.
CVSUtilities A collection of useful utility functions.
DefaultConnectionManager Creates connections to repository locations.
DefaultKeywordSubstitutionModeClassifier Classifies the keyword substitution modes for files.
DefaultLoginManager Gets login details from the user by displaying a dialog.
DiffOptions Defines the options for a DiffRequest.
DirectoryEntry Represents an entry with the "Entries" file for a directory.
Entry Defines a single entry in the Entries file.
ExportOptions Defines the options for a export request.
ExternalProcessServerConnection Defines a server connection to the local machine.
FileEntry Represents an entry in the "CVS/Entries" file for a file.
FileEntry.Status Defines the status of a FileEntry.
FileEntryFilter This interface is used with the getEntries method to filter out entries one is interested in.
ImportRequest Request object that adds files/directories to a repository.
KeywordSubstitutionMode Defines the keyword substituation modes.
LoginDetails Defines details needed for logging in to servers that require password authorization.
LogOptions Options for LogRequest.
LogRequest Request object that performs a log command.
LogResponse Defines a response for a log request.
MultiFileCVSRequest The base class for requests that operate on one or more client files that exist in a working directory.
Options The base class for any options.
RemoveOptions Defines the options for a remove request.
RepositoryDetails Defines details about how to connect to a repository given its location.
RepositoryDetails.ExtConnectionType Defines possible connection types when using the ext or server connection methods.
RepositoryLocation Defines the location of a repository.
SettingBasedFileFilter A file filter that accepts files based on a pattern defined in a setting.
Settings Defines a way of setting and getting settings that are saved.
SingleFileCVSRequest The base class for all cvs requests that operate on a single file in a working directory.
StatusRequest Defines a request object that performs a "status" request.
StatusResponse Provides a high level interpretation of a status response from the server.
StatusResponse.StatusDetails Encapsulates the status details for one file.
UpdateRequest Defines a request to update some client side files/directories from a CVS repository.
WorkingDirectory Represents a working directory for a CVS client.

Exception Summary
CannotAddFileException Exception thrown when a file cannot be added to a MultiFileCVSRequest.
CVSConnectionException Exception that is thrown when creating a connection to a server.
CVSException The base class for all exceptions relating to CVS problems.
CVSResponseException Exception that indicates an error has occurred with a response.
InvalidEntryFormatException This excepion is thrown when a CVSEntry object is constructed from a string and the string is not of the required format for a cvs entry.
InvalidRepositoryLocationException This exception is thrown when the user tries to construct a RepositoryLocation object and the format of the location is invalid.
RepositoryDetails.InvalidRepositoryDetailsException Excpetion thrown for when repository details are added using the add method.