Class CVSIgnoreFileFilter

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public class CVSIgnoreFileFilter
extends java.lang.Object

A file filter that decides if a file should be accepted based on rules for CVS ignoring files. The patterns in this filter are the default patterns to ignore. When determining if it should accept a file it will check these patterns as well as looking for .cvsignore files in the user's home directory or the parent directory of the file in question. The default patterns to ignore are retrieved from a setting called "defaultIgnoreFiles". If this has not been set then a hard coded set of patterns will be used instead which are common files for CVS to ignore.

Constructor Summary
protected CVSIgnoreFileFilter()
Method Summary
 boolean accept( file)
          Accepts the file if it should not be ignored by CVS.
 boolean getAcceptAllFiles()
static CVSIgnoreFileFilter getInstance()
 void setAcceptAllFiles(boolean b)
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Constructor Detail


protected CVSIgnoreFileFilter()
Method Detail


public static CVSIgnoreFileFilter getInstance()


public boolean getAcceptAllFiles()


public void setAcceptAllFiles(boolean b)


public boolean accept( file)
Accepts the file if it should not be ignored by CVS.
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