Package allensoft.bug

Interface Summary
BugSubmitter The base class for all bug reporters.

Class Summary
BugReport A BugReport keeps track of all the details of a bug.
BugReportWizard The base class for bug reporting wizards.
CrashHandler Handles crashes (uncaught exceptions/errors) by reporting them to the user.
CrashReport A type of BugReport which is the result of an uncaught exception/error.
CrashReportDialog A dilaog that displays the details of a crash report to the user.
CrashReportingEventQueue An event queue that reports any crashes to the global CrashHandler.
CrashReportingThread A Thread sub class that automatically reports any crashes (i.e uncaught exceptions/errors) that occurr during its execution.
DefaultCrashHandler Handles crashes by displaying a CrahReportDialog to inform the user and allowing the user to submitt a bug report if a BugSubmitter has been supplied during construction.
EMailBugSubmitter Submits a bug report by email.
RMIBugSubmitter Submits a bug report by connecting to a BugServer object using RMI.
SaveBugReportWizard Wizard used to get information about a bug report so it can be saved to a file.
SubmitBugReportWizard The base class for bug report wizards that submit a bug report over the internet.
TechnicalInfoDialog Dialog used to display technical information about a crash report.
Test A simple test harness that divides by zero when a button is clicked to test the crash handling classes.
WizardBasedBugSubmitter A convienient base class for bug submitters.

Exception Summary
BugSubmissionException The exception thrown when there is a problem submitting a bug report.