Class WizardBasedBugSubmitter

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
EMailBugSubmitter, RMIBugSubmitter

public abstract class WizardBasedBugSubmitter
extends java.lang.Object
implements BugSubmitter

A convienient base class for bug submitters. This class provides a means for obtaining information from the user about a bug report (such as the user's email and comments) using a friendly wizard.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected abstract  Wizard createWizard(BugReport bugReport)
          Creates the wizard that should be used to submit the bug report.
 boolean submitBugReport(BugReport bugReport)
          Submits the supplied bug report.
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Constructor Detail


public WizardBasedBugSubmitter()
Method Detail


public boolean submitBugReport(BugReport bugReport)
Submits the supplied bug report. Base classes should typically override the sendBugReport method instead to gain the added functionality of obtaining user details.
Specified by:
submitBugReport in interface BugSubmitter
Following copied from interface: allensoft.bug.BugSubmitter
true if the bug report was successfully submitted, otherwise false.


protected abstract Wizard createWizard(BugReport bugReport)
Creates the wizard that should be used to submit the bug report.