Class ImportOptionsParser


public class ImportOptionsParser
extends OptionsParser

Inner classes inherited from class allensoft.util.OptionsParser
OptionsParser.ListOfOptions, OptionsParser.Option, OptionsParser.OptionDefinition, OptionsParser.OptionGroup
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.Object createOptions()
          Creates the Options object for this parser.
protected  void processOption(java.lang.Object options, OptionsParser.Option option, OptionsParser.ListOfOptions previousOptions)
          Override this method to process an individual option.
Methods inherited from class allensoft.util.OptionsParser
addOptionDefinition, getAllowSingleCharFlagsToBeGroupedTogether, getOptionDefinition, getOptionDefinition, getOptionDefinitionCount, getOptionIdentifier, parseOptions, processUnrecognizedOption, setAllowSingleCharFlagsToBeGroupedTogether, setOptionIdentifier
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Constructor Detail


public ImportOptionsParser()
Method Detail


protected java.lang.Object createOptions()
Description copied from class: OptionsParser
Creates the Options object for this parser.
createOptions in class OptionsParser


protected void processOption(java.lang.Object options,
                             OptionsParser.Option option,
                             OptionsParser.ListOfOptions previousOptions)
                      throws java.text.ParseException
Description copied from class: OptionsParser
Override this method to process an individual option.
processOption in class OptionsParser
Following copied from class: allensoft.util.OptionsParser
options - the options object to update the state of given this option. This object is created by the createOptions method.
option - an option parsed from the command line
previousOptions - a list of previously parsed options before this option was reached (ie options specified on the command line before this option).