Package allensoft.gui

Interface Summary
ActionPool Defines a pool of actions.
OkCancelDialog.Contents Defines the contents of the dialog.

Class Summary
CardPanel A simpler alternative to a JPanel with a CardLayout.
DateSelector Allows the user to select a date.
DirectoryContentsTable.FileCellRenderer CellRenderer used to display file names.
DirectoryContentsTable.FileComparator A comparator that organizes directories first and then files in alphabetical order.
DirectoryContentsTableModel A table model that defines the contents of a directory.
EnhancedToolBar A toolbar that is enhanced to display either icons, text or icons and text and also different sized icons.
EnhancedToolBar.Button A button that supports the enhanced features on an EnahncedToolBar.
EscapeDialog A dialog that closes itself whenever the Esc key is pressed.
ExpandableButton A button that has no maximum width.
ExpandablePasswordField A text filed that has no maximum width.
ExpandableTextField A text filed that has no maximum width.
FileSystemTreeModel.DefaultFileNode The default file node.
FileSystemTreeModel.DefaultRootFileNode The default root node.
FileSystemTreeModel.GroupFileNode A file node that allows a group of files to be listed in it.
FileSystemTreeModel.LocalFileSystemFileNode A file node that represents the roots of the file system.
FormLayout A powerful layout manager that lays out componentents in a form fashion.
FormPanel A panel that uses FormLayout as its layout manager.
GUIBuilder Builds toolbars, menus, menu bars and menuitems from XML based documents.
KeyStrokeEditor Component that can be used to key key strokes.
LoginDialog A dialog that can be used to get login details (a name and a password).
LoginDialog.Contents Defines the contents of a login dialog.
MenuEditorDialog Dialog which edits menus and can create a XML document.
MenuEditorDialog.MenuItemDetails Defines the details for a menu item.
MenuEditorDialog.MenuTreeCellRenderer Cell renderer for rendering the menus in the tree.
NumericRangePopup A button which will display a popup menu allowing the user to choose between a finite range of numbers.
NumericTextField A text field that only allows numbers to be entered.
OkCancelDialog A dialog that has OK and Cancel buttons and some contents.
OkCancelDialog.JPanelContents A useful class for subclassing contents from.
SortedTableModel A TableModel that sorts the data contained in another table model.
SortedTableModel.DefaultComparator The comparator used when none is specified during construction.
StripPanel A panel that provides a convenient way for using a StripLayout.
TearableMenu A menu that can be torn off.
TearOffMenuItem A menu item that can be used to tear off the current menu.
TornOffMenu Represents a menu that has been torn off.
TornOffMenu.MenuItem Represents a menu item for a TornOffMenu as a button.
WindowResizer Listens to window resizing events and if a window is made smaller than its minimum size it will be resized to its minimum size.
Wizard A Wizard is a dialog that guides the user through a series of steps they must perform to accomplish a task.
WizardPage Defines one page in a Wizard dialog.
YearSelector Component that can be used to select a year.

Exception Summary
GUIBuilderException Exception thrown when building menus from XML documents using GUIBuilder.